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Comex Plate Filter Press


COM Filter Presses


Simple structure, stable and reliable operation, easy for maintenance, very low running cost couple with the lowest energy consumption known in any filtration equipment.

The main unit’s designed service life is up to more than 20 years. 

Low installed power. It is one power pack driving the filter and pump, with 37 Kw as nominal power, being just below 80% the actual power used.

Two upright oil cylinders and triangle crank gear 

⑴Vertical cylinders drive the triangle crank like a lever, which enable small cylinders to produce high-pressure force.

⑵The upright cylinders do not endure any radial force, ensuring long working life, estimated 5 times longer than that of horizontal ones.

Rapidly opening in sequence 

⑴ Unique sectionalized opening technique by auxiliary hydraulic cylinder, with stable and reliable structure. 

⑵ Filter plates are opened at a rapid and steady speed 

⑶ Fast cycling speed

To blow from the reversed direction to clean filter cloths effectively. The cloth has long service life. 

PLC for automatic operation control and to guarantee stable running. 

Can be easily moved within a site or from site to site.

Simple structure, small size, no special requirement for base, no need of anchor bolt for fixating.